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In today’s day and age, getting hired for a job requires much more than passing a background check and nailing an interview. People who are looking to hire will search your name on google and see what comes up. There are companies such as Reputation Changer and Big Blue Robot that charge the big bucks to hide your google-able dirty laundry. However, in the article I read, 6 Steps To Managing Your Online Reputation, the author compiles a list of 6 things that the heads of many of these reputation-saver websites agreed are important to reputation success.

The first tip the article gives is “search yourself” which I realized was something I hadn’t done in a while so I did. The first two results that came up are my LinkedIn and my Pinterest accounts. Also, my profile pictures for both of these accounts appeared in google images. The fourth tip the article gave was one that surprised me and was “join social networks.” Linkedin is a social network that is specifically designed for employers to connect with you. However, other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter I would think would be damaging to someone trying to land a job. The article requests that you are somewhat active on social network accounts.

The last tip is, in my opinion, the most important and reads “keep things private, while assuming nothing is truly private.” There are many helpful privacy settings on all social media, specifically Facebook. However, with enough digging, employers may be able to find that embarrassing photo of you from the Christmas party. If someone tags you in a photo that you don’t want to appear on your account, untag yourself immediately. There is also a useful privacy setting on Facebook that makes it so you must approve something before you get tagged in it which I love.