One of the hardest things for writers to do is revise and critique their own work. Starting in elementary school teachers teach their students to peer review each others work because it’s always better to get someone else’s opinion before finalizing the product. Why is it so hard for writers to revise their own work? They are so used to their writing style that he or she will never see anything wrong with his or her work because that’s how he or she has always wrote, their way of writing is perfect. I know we often think that we can just whip up an essay in an hour and not get it revised, but that’s where we’re wrong because we all have writing tics.

The other day one of my colleagues,DeAngeline Sebastian, tweeted an article she found on Dana Murphy’s Word press Website. The article is titled ” What’s Your Writing Tic”. Some of the writing tics the article mentions are using the word “literally” too often and out of context, the over use of colons, and the over use of food metaphors in writing.

As soon as I read the article I automatically thought about how I over use commas in my writing. I don’t know why I just loved putting commas in between, every, single, word, but it’s a problem. It’s my writing tic. Dana Murphy states” The tics are what gives my writing voice and style”. Are writing tics a problem or something that gives writers voice and style? I never saw my love for commas as a problem, but a lot of professors have.

Social media plays such a huge role in 21st century writer’s lives. When writers are composing a tweet they aren’t thinking about  proper grammar , he or she is just throwing his or her thought into 140 words. That’s where writing tics come into play. That informal way of writing that we are so used  to using everyday gets carried over into our formal writing pieces where using the word literally in every other sentence is not acceptable.

In an article I read in my Introduction to Writing Arts class titled ” How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live” Evan Williams and Biz Stone explain how ” Twitter is developing into a powerful form of communication”, Writers are tweeting way more often then they’re typing essays these days because that’s where all the readers eyes are looking  these days. If one wants to reach out to the public he or she is way more likely to be heard by tweeting than writing a blog, because more people use Twitter than blogging websites.

So many people love using Twitter as a form of communication because there are no rules on Twitter. You may lose a lot of followers, but if one wants to tweet about food all the time or use the word literally 10 times in one tweet it’s acceptable. Writing Tics are what make writers, writers, if we all wrote  in the same cookie cutter style I don’t think people would enjoy reading and writing as much as they do.