After reading an article for my Introduction to Writing Arts class titled “the difference between thin and thick tweets” written by David Silver that was about tweeting more in depth, meaningful tweets, I looked into the many ways Twitter users use Twitter. In David Silver’s article he talks about how he taught his students about “thick tweets” and “thin tweets”. He defines thin tweets as ”  posts that convey one layer of information” and thick tweets as ” convey two or more, often with help from a hyperlink”.

Just as about 99% of Twitter users I almost always only use Twitter to write “thin tweets”. I never thought about using twitter to share articles or pictures because I really never have seen anyone use Twitter for any other reason than to display thin tweets such as ” I’m bored”.

After my Writing Arts professor introduced me to apps like “ZIte” that allow users to share articles they may find interesting with their followers via Twitter my eyes opened up to a whole new world. While skimming though articles on the Zite app I have on my Iphone I came across an article titled “Eight ways that Twitter drives sales” so I automatically retweeted it.

Not only are people using twitter for sharing articles and links to their blogs , but are using it as a way to drive sales ! In the article the author ,Gordon MacMillan,states that “A new study by@Nielsen found that 56% of Twitter mobile users say they are influenced by content on Twitter when they are buying a product or service”. As an adamant online shopper myself, I can agree with this statement one hundred percent. Before shopping from an unheard of online shopping boutique I always check with their frequent shoppers have to say about their company via Twitter or Instagram.

If I see good reviews like the one above  about good customer service and product quality I get right to shopping!

I honestly never realized how much Twitter has to offer because I always thought of it as a place where people go to just write their random thoughts down for his or her followers to read. There are so many social media apps and websites these days that users aren’t taking full advantage of all the great features they have to offer because there’s just so many of them. I will always love Twitter as a place to go to read funny jokes my friends tweet at me, but now I look at it in a whole new light.