The popular blogging site Tumblr has, in the past few years, jumped aboard the social mobile app train. For the past two years, I’ve been using their iPhone app, and while it lacks some of the features that the website offers, I still absolutely love it. It’s user-friendly and incredibly convenient.

Tumblr is a platform for users to write and share original content and communicate with other users, as well as share content from other blogs on your own page (called “reblogging”). Content ranges from stories, to opinions, to random thoughts, to pictures and videos. It’s main purpose is to entertain, but recently it has also become a popular platform for advertising and dialogues about social justice issues. It is also commonly used to make and maintain friendships with users around the globe.

Upon opening and logging into the app, you are shown your dashboard, which is a collection of posts from all the blogs (called tumblogs) you follow.

A post from the Tumblog PanemPropoganda on my dashboard.

A post from the tumblog PanemPropoganda on my dashboard.

Located at the bottom of the screen is a menu bar with options for your dashboard, a search bar, new posts, your profile and your list of followers and followed tumblogs, and your notifications. Everything you need to operate the app easily is located in that menu bar.

When you select a user’s URL on your dashboard, you’re taken to their mobile homepage. The page is customizable for each user so that the mobile page theme can parallel the actual website theme. Posts are shown in order from most to least recent in a continuous-scroll format, which is the same way they are displayed on the dashboard.

The mobile homepage for the Tumblog TheGryffindork.

The mobile homepage for the Tumblog TheGryffindork.

The mobile homepage for the Tumblog Sixpenceee.

The mobile homepage for the Tumblog Sixpenceee.

A couple of original posts on Sixpenceee's homepage.

A couple of original posts on Sixpenceee’s homepage.

On the app, you can set up notifications so that your phone will display whenever somebody reblogs a post you made or tags you in a post, which, while convenient at first, can get a little distracting. However, notifications can be turned off at any time.

I only have a few real complaints about this app. For one, you’re never notified when somebody responds to a message you sent, whether it’s answered publicly on their blog or privately in your inbox. You instead have to constantly check your inbox to make sure you’re not missing any new messages. Additionally, sometimes images and videos are slow to load, which can take away from the experience.

Overall, the app does its job well. It makes it incredibly easy to create and share content from anywhere you may find yourself, and allows you to communicate with others in a whole new way.