Ginger Page is a free writing app available for iOS, Windows, Chrome and Android . It is a portable word processor that offers many features to help one correct and enhance his or her writing. Some of the features Ginger Page offers are auto-correct, a word enhancer that gives suggestions on how to better phrase what you are trying to say, and the option to share your text via email, text message, or social media.


Some of the other tools available through Ginger Page are a translator which allows one to type text in one language and translate to another, a dictionary, and a synonym search engine to help find synonyms to any word one types in the search engine.


Bolter discusses the future of digital writing in his Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print which is what this app promotes, digital writing. It allows anyone who has access to apps to write for any purpose whether it be a small novel or an email to their supervisor. The app was designed to help people enhance their writing before publishing it on the internet. This is just a new type of “writing space” as Bolter puts it.