The writing application I reviewed is called Diaro. In the description, it says that the app is designed to record activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas throughout a day and sync the data across all devices, including a computer. It lets you organize your diary entries, but also specify them in different contexts such as a story entry.


This could be extremely helpful because it makes the app more broad and useful in different situations. If you keep a diary of events that happen to you for something like a memior or blog post ideas, you can easily keep them separate from your fiction or poetry ideas. You can also tag your location when you were writing them, which could be helpful if you’re describing imagery around you.

I though of how helpful it would be to know your exact location then be able to google earth it to again be able to see all of the same imagery that you described before, later in the day. Another useful tool it has is to be able to add pictures to a post. So not only could you take pictures of something in your daily life that inspired you to write, you could find a picture online that inspired you.


I’m personally obsessed with tumblr and always find either hilarious pictures, things i agree with, or just pretty pictures that always inspire me to write. With the help of the app, I could even separate all of these postings by category like humor or editorials or fiction. I personally feel this app is extremely helpful for writing because it’s organized, simple to use, and concise.