This writing app was made to help personalize your journaling experience.  This app is not only very attractive looking, but its made to help you become a better journalizer.  Journaling and blogging is not just about writing your thoughts down, this type of writing “art” has become so much more.  You can now post and tag pictures within your journal posts and tag the location you are at.  You can share your journal with friends and family so they can experience your day to day life or you can keep your thoughts private.


This app also comes with a calendar so you can see all of your prior journal entries and the comments that were on it. Day One is a great way to record your daily thoughts and feelings, and add some personality to your words through all the various features and special effects that the app offers.  Even though I have never really been the one to keep a journal, I would definitely use this app, maybe if I was traveling, to record all of my adventures to share with everyone at home, so they can follow my trip as I along.