One of the most important reasons why one should want to protect their “webutation” is to make sure that his or her real life relationships aren’t affected by whats on the internet about him or her. I came across an interesting article via ZITE that was published by The Huff Post labeled “This Is How Technology Is Affecting Your Relationship”.

Now I’ve heard of relationships ending because one person in the relationship was caught messaging someone they were cheating on the other with via Facebook, but this article tells and extreme horror story when it comes to ones relationship being effected by technology. According to the article a 32 year old newly weds marriage ended because his wife fell in love with a person you met on “Mafia Wars”, a game played through Facebook. When I read this I was in utter shock, how could this be a real story? How could a newly married woman fall in love with a computer avatar and leave her husband? This man thought his wife was playing a harmless Facebook game, but really she was going on virtual dates every time she logged into “Mafia Wars”. Im sure the newlywed wife didn’t sign up to play the game to seek out a new husband, but the point is that it did. In this situation technology took the wheel and tore a part  a new marriage, something that used to be thought of as a sacred, unbreakable bond.

In another section of the article a mental health counselor, Bea Arthur, states that  “I see people delaying meeting in person for as long as possible, although we know better.” when speaking on the topic of online dating. From this statement, it leads me to believe people are falling in love with figments of their imagination, whatever they can find on the internet about their potential boyfriend or girlfriend is what they believe to be true about that person.

Protecting your webutation is so important for this reason, how can one ever online date  if every time anyone types your name in the Google search engine nothing but negativity pops up? Not only is technology effecting our romantic relationships , but it’s effecting our professional ones too. Every time one submits a resume to any company, that company looks up his or her name on the internet. If that company finds anything they deem to be inappropriate they automatically move onto the next application/ resume. Companies don’t want any employs that could possibly represent their company in a negative light and technology has made it much easier for them to easily weed out the bad seeds. Technology has given anyone with access to the internet access to everyone’s webutations.