I read the article “Who Am We?” by Sherry Turkle. The article was written in 1996 and was about how people create multiple personalities via MUD’s which stands for multi-user dungeons. One of the other ways to create an online persona without the MUD is via the game SimLife that the article discusses at length. SimLife is a computer game produced by Maxis in 1992. The point of the game is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem and allows players to alter the genetics of the plants and animals that inhabit their virtual world. This game is more educational then the Sims games that came out in 2000. This is the game I’m familiar with so I was surprised to learn that it had an educational predecessor. I found it interesting that the game that is based on biology and how to produce and maintain an ecosystem came before the game that exists today, Sims. I played the original Sims religiously when I was younger on my parent’s 98 Window’s computer. I remember playing it for hours on and end enjoyed it way more than being on AOL online because I couldn’t be on that for too long because it used the phone line. When I was online and people were trying to reach the house it would have a busy tone. The concept of today’s Sims game is different than the SimsLife because the Sims is described as a nonlinear game, meaning it has no set objective. The SimsLife objective is to maintain life in its most basic form. The point of the Sims is to become characters and participate in life as you wish, and interact and form relationships with other Sims. This parallel between the two games is also true when it comes to human’s relationships with computers. At first, when the computer was in its most primal stages, it was basically a giant calculator and was not created for the masses. Now, with the Internet, it is entirely created for the use of every single person alive. You can listen to music, read articles, watch videos, and comment on things so put your opinion out there. The sociality of the Internet is, in my opinion what keeps computers relevant. On your computer you can write essays for class but most classes require you to submit them online. With the creation of social media, it becomes easy for people to connect with each other and share things that they find interesting to the people that they connect with on social media. The most important parallel I drew between this article and our relationships with computers today is that we can create online personas on social media and also in online games. They even have online dating websites now. You can become the person that people would want to date online while also simultaneously having a World of Warcraft account where you’re a murderous villain, while also having a Facebook account where you post funny articles and videos.